Roblox Ro-Ghoul Script Stats Logger

Roblox Ro-Ghoul Script Stats Logger

Script By stitch the plug

-- Click F9 for the stat logs

-- Settings
R, G, B = 255, 82, 255 -- Change color of your hotbar (CCG default = 4, 175, 236, Ghoul default = 200, 0, 0)
local plr = game.Players.NAME -- Change NAME to the name of your victim

-- Script
local lvl = plr.PlayerFolder.Stats.Level.Value
local xp = plr.PlayerFolder.Stats.Experience.Value
local yen = plr.PlayerFolder.Stats.Yen.Value
local rc = plr.PlayerFolder.Stats.RC.Value
local repu = plr.PlayerFolder.Stats.Reputation.Value
local phys = plr.PlayerFolder.Stats.Physical.Value
local kaqu = plr.PlayerFolder.Stats.Weapon.Value
local spd = plr.PlayerFolder.Stats.Speed.Value
local dur = plr.PlayerFolder.Stats.Durability.Value
local focus = plr.PlayerFolder.Stats.Focus.Value
local eto = plr.PlayerFolder.BossKills.Eto.Value
local fact = plr.PlayerFolder.Settings.Faction.Value
local spawn = plr.PlayerFolder.Settings.SpawnLocation.Value
local yen2 = plr.PlayerFolder.Gamepass.Yen2.Value
local exp2 = plr.PlayerFolder.Gamepass.Exp2.Value
local rep2 = plr.PlayerFolder.Gamepass.Rep2.Value
local th = plr.PlayerFolder.Gamepass.TrainHalf.Value
local allie = plr.PlayerFolder.Allied.Name
local weap = plr.PlayerFolder.Customization.Weapon.Value
local wpc = plr.PlayerFolder.Customization.WeaponPrimaryColor.Value
local wsc = plr.PlayerFolder.Customization.WeaponSecondaryColor.Value
local side = plr.PlayerFolder.Customization.Team.Value
local maskk = plr.PlayerFolder.Customization.Mask.Value
local mnn = plr.PlayerFolder.Customization.Nickname.Value
local gtn = plr.PlayerFolder.Trainers.GhoulTrainer.Value
local ctn = plr.PlayerFolder.Trainers.CCGTrainer.Value
local crs1 = plr.PlayerFolder.Trainers.CCGRosterSlot1.Value
local crs2 = plr.PlayerFolder.Trainers.CCGRosterSlot2.Value
local crs3 = plr.PlayerFolder.Trainers.CCGRosterSlot3.Value
local grs1 = plr.PlayerFolder.Trainers.GhoulRosterSlot1.Value
local grs2 = plr.PlayerFolder.Trainers.GhoulRosterSlot2.Value
local grs3 = plr.PlayerFolder.Trainers.GhoulRosterSlot3.Value

print ("------------------")
print (plr)
print ("Team: "..side)
print ("------------------")
print ("Level:                   "..lvl)
print ("Exp:                     "..xp)
print ("Yen:                     "..yen)
print ("RC:                      "..rc)
print ("Reputation:              "..repu)
print ("Physical Points:         "..phys)
print ("Kagune/Quinque Points:   "..kaqu)
print ("Speed Points:            "..spd)
print ("Durability Points:       "..dur)
print ("Focus Points:            "..focus)
print (" ")
print ("Kagune/Quinque:          "..weap)
print ("Primary Color:           "..wpc)
print ("Secondary Color:         "..wsc)
print (" ")
print ("Eto Boss Kills:          "..eto)
print ("Faction:                 "..fact)
print ("Mask Name:               "..maskk)
print ("Mask Nickname:           "..mnn)
print ("Spawn Location:          "..spawn)
for i,v in pairs(plr.PlayerFolder.Allied:GetChildren()) do
   if v:IsA("Folder") then
       print("Allies:                  "..tostring(v));
       v.Parent = plr.PlayerFolder.Allied;
print (" ")
print ("2x Yen Gamepass:         "..tostring(yen2))
print ("2x Exp Gamepass:         "..tostring(exp2))
print ("2X Rep Gamepass:         "..tostring(rep2))
print ("Halved Trainer Gamepass: "..tostring(th))
print (" ")
print ("Current Ghoul Trainer:   "..gtn)
print ("Current CCG Trainer:     "..ctn)
print ("CCG Roster Slot 1: "..tostring(crs1))
print ("CCG Roster Slot 2: "..tostring(crs2))
print ("CCG Roster Slot 3: "..tostring(crs3))
print ("Ghoul Roster Slot 1: "..tostring(grs1))
print ("Ghoul Roster Slot 2: "..tostring(grs2))
print ("Ghoul Roster Slot 3: "..tostring(grs3))

local color =,G/255,B/255)
local shit = game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.HUD:GetDescendants()
for i = 1, #shit do local v = shit[i]
if v.Name == "ExpBar" or v.Name == "Divider" then
v.BackgroundColor3 = color
if pcall(function() return v.BorderColor3 end) then
v.BorderColor3 = color
if pcall(function() return v.TextColor3 end) then
v.TextColor3 = color
if pcall(function() return v.ImageColor3 end) then
v.ImageColor3 = color
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