Roblox Polybattle GUN MODS [BAN RISK USE ALT]

Roblox Polybattle GUN MODS [BAN RISK USE ALT]

Script By Bored

  • I don’t know if this script bans you after sometime of using it although I used it for a couple minutes around 5-6 and then got banned (was probably a staff that did it since on my main I was warned then banned USE AT YOUR OWN RISK)
for i,v in pairs(getgc(true)) do
   if type(v) == "table" and rawget(v,'AMMO') and rawget(v,'RECOIL') and rawget(v,'RPM') then
       v.AMMO = 999999999999
       v.MAX_AMMO = 99999999999
       v.ACCURACY = 9999999
       v.RECOIL = 0
       v.RECOIL_SPEED = 15
       v.STORAGE_AMMO = 99999999999
       v.SHOOT_MODE = 2
       v.RPM = 10000000000

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