Roblox Blade Quest Autofarm Script

Roblox Blade Quest Autofarm Script

Script by doggyshot123

-- Dungeon Settings

_G.endlessmode = false -- Will only run endless mode and will reset dungeon after highest level gear is obtained, need to be lvl 25+

_G.endlessmodelimittest = false -- DO NOT LEAVE ON WHILE AFKING ENDLESS MODE, only meant for pushing the limits of the autofarm in endless mode (for leaderboards and shit)

_G.hardestdungeonpossible = true -- Will ignore custom dungeon settings below and play highest dungeon possible

_G.Location = "Forest" -- Locations include Dragon's Den, Toy World, Crystal Mines, Ghost Town, and Forest
_G.Difficulty = "Easy" -- Difficulties include Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert
_G.Privatelobby = true -- Stops randoms from joining your lobby, keep on to avoid suspision and reports
_G.Hardcore = true -- One life only, more loot, should be kept on as you won't die autofarming

-- Loot Settings

_G.AutoSell = true -- Automatically sells gear if it is worse than your current gear (Based on damage and level)

_G.KeepLegendaries = true -- Will not sell legendaries if you obtain one

_G.AutoUpgradeSkill = true -- Automatically puts level up points into damage to increase efficiency of autofarm

_G.BuySwords = true -- will buy a rare+ sword of your level if you have the gold for it

_G.UpgradeEpics = false -- will keep any epics earned and will merge them into legendaries when possible, not worth keeping on unless you want to collect every legendary

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()
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